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Named after the owner of Waterford Estate, Jeremy Ord, or “Jem”, as he is affectionately known to family and friends, this master blend of different red varietals epitomises the best of the vintage at Waterford Estate. For this reason, production of THE JEM is not always possible, as in the case of the 2008 vintage, where the quality criteria did not satisfy our standards.


The style of THE JEM is based on both red and black berry fruit, spicy aromatics and a polished and textured mouthfeel with a beautiful lasting finish on the palate.


The goal in producing THE JEM is to truly express the diversity of our terroir, and more specifically the soils on Waterford Estate. To reach this goal of completeness, the blend is comprised of different grape varietals all grown on the property. Cabernet Sauvignon serves as the base of the wine and the blend is completed by different varietals of Mediterranean origin.


“Great wines are born from the understanding of the plant, soil and climate of a specific site, together with the creative art of winemaking and blending. This is often a timeless pursuit, but when it comes together, the reward is eternal” – Kevin Arnold.


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