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Welcome to our world, a world where the passing of time and the change in seasons only add rich layers of character and charm to the scene.

Waterford Estate is situated in the picturesque Blaauwklippen Valley, in the world-renowned Stellenbosch region. We believe in the old adage of 'less is more'. There is nothing pretentious or ostentatious about the estate, rather the visual impact is one of a seamless whole, which complements rather than detracts from the surrounding natural beauty.

For this reason we have also chosen to use only half of the total 120 hectares of our land for the planting of vines in order to preserve and protect the natural fauna and flora on the Estate.

Waterford Estate is owned by the Ord Family and developed under the watchful eye of Kevin Arnold, Cellar Master and Managing Partner, since 1998. The Waterford Estate winery offers a relaxing setting where guests can sit and enjoy various tasting options. With the wine cellar built surrounding the courtyard, guests can observe the workings of the winery, and get a true feel for the wine making process without disrupting the tranquility of their tasting experience.

In addition to our cellar door experiences, we also offer two vineyard experiences, the Wine Drive Safari and Porcupine Trail Walk. At Waterford Estate, we wish to explore all the senses – sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, in order for our guests to experience both what is inside and outside the bottle.

We call this the Waterford Way.

Our winery was styled along the engaging terracotta design and was the result of winemaker Kevin Arnold and architect Alex Walker teaming up to create the home of Waterford Estate wines. The centerpiece of the courtyard is the magnificent and iconic fountain. This feature has been immortalised in the Waterford Estate label and represents a fundamental component of our philosophy.


At Waterford Estate we have implemented several practices to enforce sustainability. Our team works diligently to ensure that we preserve our environment during our daily operations on the estate. We have applied various systems and procedures to save water, conserve the terrain and protect wildlife to allow our environment to evolve naturally. Waterford Estate is committed to a globally recognised sustainability initiative, known as The Porto Protocol. This is an open platform from which members can gain access to research, knowledge and insights about sustainable practices.

Our winemaker and viticulturist carried out a study to improve our irrigation process. Waterford Estate also holds an Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) certificate for its environmentally friendly production methods. We hope to persist with our efforts in conserving the terrain and will strive to optimise these methods.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives.


We invite you to experience our sense of place where we have planted and grown our brand into what it is today.


Learn more about our unique terroir, beautifully expressed through the fruits of our labour – our wines. Explore our selection of premium vintages and blends.

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